Grades Explained

Please note – the descriptions given below represent our opinion for each grade. You will always get good pallets and bad pallets when dealing in return goods. Bxcat.Ltd can not offer any form of guarantee on individual pallets and we do not accept returns on any goods


Clearance : These are stocks which have been cleared from the source company to make way for new stocks. They are not sold as Brand New stock. The vast majority of this stock is from the warehouses of some of the largest retailers companies in the UK and, as such, is believed to be in perfect condition. It is always possible to get seconds or warehouse damaged good so please bear this in mind.

In addition to the warehouse clearance we also receive stocks which are shop or Store Clearance. Whilst condition of these items is also believed to be perfect you can find some that the general quality is not as good or that you receive shop soiled items, we have also found some store clearance items have been originally returned to the mail order company or are refused deliveries but are in original condition and are therefore resold. Just because an item has a return note it does not make it a damaged or faulty item.

The only down side to these lots would be that they can be older goods as some companies hold them in storage to ensure they are not released into the market at a reduced value whilst they are still selling them themselves

QA Clearance : These are stocks which have been rejected during the quality control process of the mail order or retail store. They can be rejected for many different reasons, i.e. wrong colour, wrong dimensions, small marks or dents or just not as ordered.

You will find slight seconds and perfect stocks within this group but they are rarely damaged to any significant degree. We see a lot of furniture and also household goods within this category and they are not sold as perfect but overall we find items are rejected even for a very minor issue so they represent a good buy

Mixed Returns : These are simply items which have been returned to retailers. The reasons for a customer returning an item are endless, they include items damaged in transit, parts missing, the wrong colour, the item didn’t match the description or just that the customer was not happy when it arrived.

You can also find items that have been used and become faulty or an item that has been damaged by the customer and then returned. The amount of good to bad in every parcel is different and you do need to be able to check, repair and make one good out of two faulty items. Whilst the work involved in these pallets is more involved, they are normally sold at a lower % of the retail value and allow for a much better profit for customers willing to put the extra effort in

Checked Faulty Returns : These are goods which are known to be damaged and fault when returned. They tend to come from the retail stores we deal with but you will also find parcels from Mail Order companies or, in the case of Audio stocks they will have been through a service center when returned and found to be damaged and non working items.

Boxed Returns : As we get stock from many different sources now and then we get parcels where all the stocks are in the original cartons or boxes. As these are still returns we grade them in the same way, working, non working damaged and faulty. However we have found that they are normally in better condition than general returns. You will still have to check and repair but there should be less damage overall.

Grade A They are all customer returns which have been checked visually and have either no fault at all or very minor faults that may need a repair. Whilst the system is very good it is always possible to get an item with the Grade 1 which should really be Grade 2, if this happens there is nothing we can do. It is simply part of dealing with graded returns, When dealing with stock other than clothing the grade is based on the cosmetic condition, they are not checked electrically.

Grade B These are simply the returns which have been checked as damaged, faulty, when returned. The type of fault can vary or with stock such as hardware and furniture you will find broken items, parts missing, used items and also part items (where 2 packs are required and only one is in the parcel) or just a second quality item but they are current catalogue stocks and they sell very quickly whenever we have them online. You will have to make repairs before these items are saleable in most cases.

Mixed Grades : Because we get stocks from many different sources each has there own way of dealing with returns, some companies check them some simply pack them up and sell them on. When we get these lots we simply sell them as they are. They will contain brand new, faulty, damaged, and scrap items and each varies. Overall they tend to be a good buy but you do need to understand they are raw returns.